Jesse Hector is an office cleaner, but not many people on the 33 bus that he catches to work every morning, know about his rock n roll career spanning 50 years. He inspired the British punks in '76 with his legendary stage shows and his space age mod look. The film charts his rise and fall from fame and attempts to unravel the mystery of 'what ever happened to Jesse Hector and the Hammersmith Gorillas.'
Mutton-chopped Jesse Hector was a permanent fixture in the English music press of the mid-Seventies with accounts of the electrifying live performances of his band The Gorillas. Jesse has always believed in the revolutionary and rejuvenating power of Rock n roll. The cover of The Gorillas album showed his band of space ace Mods hurtling towards earth on a meteorite to save the world with rock n roll - and his belief in music is as strong today as it ever has been.
He now works as a cleaner at The Hackney Empire and The Royal Geographcal Society. This documentary follows him as he journeys around London and retraces fifty years of rock n roll - skiffling at the 2 Is in Old Compton Street at the age of 12, playing guitar with Mod Freakbeat legends The Clique, fronting proto-punk bruisers Crushed Butler and The Hammersmith Gorillas and attempts to find out, as the NMEs Roy Carr wrote in 1977, Whatever Happened To Jesse Hector?